11 things that men want women to wear

11 things that men want women to wear

Must Have Items In Your Wardrobe


Now, we aren’t going to discuss every single thing on the planet earth that men like and want women to wear. Instead, we’re going to cover some of the key things that make men drool when they see women wearing it.

Tire idea is that you want to stock up your wardrobe with as many of these outfits as you can so that you’ll always be able to pull out an outfit that will impress and attract men. (We’ll talk about how to use your clothing choices to seduce men a bit later!)

Your ability to combined everything I’ve taught you, specifically the ground rules with these clothing items is what is going to turn you into a walking goddess! Trust me, men are going to be staring at you constantly and they’ll start working up the courage to approach you.

If you’ve already got a man then trust me when he sees your new dress sense and understanding of these rules, his sex drive is going to go through the roof!

Now let’s get started with the must have items in your wardrobe!

Anything red:

Apparently, according to scientific research, men find the color red appealing. I’m not one to care too much about the science of things as relationships are more emotion based but I have to agree that red is a sexy color. There’s definitely nothing wrong with adding some red items to your wardrobe!

Cut Out Dresses:

These have gotten really popular lately and is a common thing women are wearing to clubs. The reason men like women wearing cut out dresses is because it follows the rule of showing skin subtlety7 that we spoke about in an earlier chapter. These dresses effectively show small amounts of skin and then leave so much more to the imagination of men and that’s what makes them so appealing. I highly recommend these and suggest that y7ou pick up a few for those special nights out where you know you’ll be partying.

Bardot tops/Shoulder tops:

Men find these attractive for similar reasons to cut out dresses. However, the benefit of Bardot tops is that you can wear them in so many more situations than you could with cut out dresses and that’s why having a wide variety of these is definitely recommended.


The key here is that there a ton of different types of vests that women wear and men find most, if not all of them appealing. You could wear a fitted vest or an oversized vest and both would do wonders for attracting the eyes of men. How you rock it is going to be more important than what type of vest you wear!

Simple plain t-shirts:

It’s important that you mix up your fancy and sexy outfits with some more casual outfits. The reason for this is that although men love it when women are dressed to impress, they also like to see that a woman can just be casual and chill as well. Pairing a simple t-shirt with fitted denim jeans is more than enough to impress a man if you pull it off correctly.

Fitted Jeans:

The key here is that the jeans have to be fitted! Baggy jeans do not look good on women and men do not find this attractive! You want to show off your body and wearing fitted jeans allows you to do just that.

Short Shorts:

This is a big one that’s awesome for when the weather is hot. It’s no secret that men love women wearing short shorts simply because they get an eyeful of legs which they love. Make sure to have a wide range of short shorts so you aren’t always wearing the same ones. You could have some sporty ones, some denim ones, some chino shorts, etc.


This is very similar to wearing short shorts but there’s something about women wearing skirts that just has a bit more finesse than short shorts have. Don’t overdo it with fancy skirts, though, keeping it simple and plain colored is recommended. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favorite flower skirt, it just means that you might not want to wear it when you know your crush is going to be there!


Believe it or not, men actually like women who can rock a nice pair of trainers. This is simply because it shows a different side to a woman. Dresses and high heels are sexy when worn for the correct occasion, but a t-shirt, shorts and trainers’ combination shows a more active and outdoorsy side.

High Heels:

I’m sure this is an obvious one that you already expected to see! It’s very effective when paired with a nice dress. The catch is, you need to make sure you aren’t too tall when wearing high heels, especially not taller than the men you want to attract!

Side Note:

Before I forget, let me just mentioned this site note. Men don’t like it when women wear trousers. It’s simply because there isn’t anything attractive about it. They’re so simple that they don’t offer anything sexually appealing. Keep the trousers for the house and wear some of the other items we’ve mentioned when out of the house.

How To Put It All Together:

We’ve just discussed some of the main clothing items that men want and like women to wear. This list doesn’t include every single item as that would be impossible. What you need to do is stock up your wardrobe with as many of these items as you can and make sure that you have the option to mix and match things. If you combine this with all the ground rules we discussed in previous chapters then you’re going to be well on your way to dressing to impress and attract men!

Now that we’ve covered everything you need to know to turn yourself into a sexy male magnet through the use of how you dress on a daily basis, we can now talk about how to dress to seduce men in the bedroom!

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