Effective ways to dress on special occasion to impress men

Effective ways to dress on special occasion to impress men

Dress Correctly For The Occasion


Now, this is the second rule I want to talk about. It seems so blatantly obvious, but I still see women making this mistake so often that it’s near unbearable for me! It’s so bad that I’ve had to add it into my rules for dressing to impress, attract and seduce men! The thing is, as soon as people ‘read dress correctly for the occasion’ they automatically think about dress codes. While that has some importance, it’s not specifically what I want to talk about in this chapter.

What I want to discuss is the fact that you need to dress correctly for whatever it is you’re going to do on that day. So, let’s say a friend invites you to join them and their friends for a hike. You don’t know who their friends are but you know some of them are going to be male, so in the back of your head, you want to wear something that’ll make you look attractive. So instead of wearing jogging bottoms or shorts with trainers and a t-shirt, you wear a dress with high heels. Now, I’ve never worn heels but from what I’ve heard they’re a pain to walk in! You may look sexy at first but once the hike starts and everyone can see you struggling, you immediately turn from looking attractive and sexy to looking like a fool. I mean, sure, some men might find it endearing and come to your rescue, but that’s not exactly an effective game plan!

As you can see from that example, it’s so important that you dress correctly for the occasion or whatever it is you’ll be doing that day rather than focusing on your appearance. This is mistake women make all the time. They are way too concerned with how they look that they forget that what they choose to wear won’t be practical for what they’re doing. Another example would be if you were to spend a day in the park and you decide to wear a dress because it’s a hot summers day. While that might make logical sense at first because it’s the norm, think about what you’ll be doing at the park. Will it just be a picnic and conversation or will anything physical happen like Frisbee throwing or football, etc. In that case, perhaps shorts and a vest are more suitable. That obviously depends on you though.

The main point of this ground rule is to focus on what you’ll actually be doing on the specific day and what clothing items will be appropriate for it. First go for dressing for the occasion and then dress to impress!

There’s no reason why you can’t look sexy with jogging bottoms on so don’t worry if that’s all you have to wear when you’re asked to go out on a hike or a run!

This was a short ground rule but it was so important that I didn’t want to leave it out. Anyway, now that we’ve covered this we can transition to the next rule! Tilings are slowly getting spicier!

Accessorize Yourself Effectively And Uniquely


They say the accessories make the outfit and I couldn’t agree more! I mean, after all, it must have some truth to it if it’s become a common thing that people say, no? I stand by it because I’ve always noticed that a simple accessory like a watch or a bracelet on a woman can make her outfit look that much more attractive.

The thing is, the accessories that you chose to wear often says something about you, especially to the eyes of men. For example, if you are wearing a sporty7 watch then that implies that you’re a sporty7 and active person. If you wear a more normal faced clock then it might imply that you’re good at keeping time. If you wear a necklace then that implies that you actually care about your appearance which is a good thing.

On top of saying something about who you are, wearing accessories is also very effective as a conversation starter or an easy compliment. Believe it or not, men try to shy away from the traditional and cheesy compliments that involve your eyes or your hair, etc. By wearing accessories, you’re allowing men to easy find something of yours to compliment without being cheesy. Now, the trick is to wear unique accessories or ones that stand out so that they attract attention and allow easy compliments. I don’t mean you have to pull a Lady Gaga, I simply mean it’s worth putting some thought into next time you decide which bracelet to buy.

What I suggest you do is simply set yourself up with a range of different accessories that you can use to mix and match with different outfits so that you always have something unique about what you’re wearing. These accessories can range from watches to bracelets, to necklaces, to scarfs, to hats, to gloves so don’t be afraid to broaden your horizon and try something completely new. What’s the worst that can really happen?

We’ve come to the point of this eBook where we have to discuss a spicy yet sometimes controversial topic. It’s the kind of topic that people will different opinions on, men included, but I’m going to tell you the truth and the secrets that most men won’t admit too.

We’re talking about the topic of showing your skin.

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