The Hidden Secrets To Seducing Men With What You Wear In The Bedroom

The Hidden Secrets To Seducing Men With What You Wear In The Bedroom

What To Wear In The Bedroom

There are two tilings I want you to learn and remember at this point in the article. We’ve already actually mentioned them in previous chapters but we’re going to recap and expand on our knowledge now.


The first thing is that men are visual creatures. It’s often not just the act of sex that makes them go crazy, it’s what they see and experience through their eyes. If this wasn’t the case then men would just have sex with anyone even if they weren’t physically attracted to them. The thing is, what you wear in the bedroom has a huge effect on a man’s sex drive and sexual pleasure and more often than not men prefer women to be clothed rather the naked during sex.

The second thing expands on from the first point. Think about how big the lingerie industry is. If men only wanted women to be completely naked in the bedroom, then there wouldn’t be anyone selling lingerie anymore.

What I want you to take away from this is simply that the way you dress in the bedroom will affect the sexual pleasure of a man. Now, you may not be at this stage yet as you might not be in a relationship, but it’s definitely worth a read so that you’re ready for when you are at this stage!

Now we’re going to cover some of the main categories of things you should wear in the bedroom if your goal is to seduce your man, drive him insane and make him crave you.

Lingerie In General:

This is basics of dressing to seduce men in the bedroom. Going to the bedroom with the intention of seducing your man has to start at the minimum of you wearing lingerie. You can’t expect to seduce your man visually if you’re wearing everyday underwear. Men will probably still have sex with you, but it won’t be anywhere near the level that he wants it to be at.
What I would recommend is to start simply by stocking up on sets of matching bras and underpants. There’s a lot more you can do to spice things up and drive him crazy but this is a basic starting point and something that should not be overlooked.

Even if you have a whole wardrobe of outfits specifically to seduce a man in the bedroom, you might not always have time to pick out one and dress yourself up, which is exactly where this basic matching combo works best.

Red Or Black:

We’ve already talked about how men find the color red attractive in a previous chapter. This also applies for choosing lingerie or clothing for the bedroom. The other color that works exceptionally well is black. I highly suggest basing most of your bedroom clothing item choices of these two colors as they work best. This doesn’t mean that you can’t wear other colors as well, but when in doubt, stick to red or black.

Stockings And Belt Suspenders:

This where you take it to the next level and start driving men insane. Combining stockings with belt suspenders to a sexy matching bra and thong will drive a man insane. Make sure they’re all the same color as different colors in this scenario will completely ruin the appeal!

You can get a different range of stocking and belt suspenders that look veiy different but are all sexy so I highly recommended stocking up (pun intended) on the different types. You can get things like knee high socks, standard stockings, fishnet stockings, etc.

Fantasy Outfits:

This is the Rolls Royce of dressing to seduce men in the bedroom.

How many times have you heard about the fantasies that men have in the bedroom? They want to sleep with their secretary, their nurse, their schoolgirl and a million other fantasies.
Satisfying a man’s sexual fantasies is probably the number one way to drive him insane in the bedroom and make him forever crave you. The secret to completing an unbelievably unforgettable fantasy experience starts with the outfit you wear.

This is where you can ignore the rule of red or black simply because not all outfits are going to follow this rule. If you want to wear a nurse outfit then it’s probably going to have a lot of white in it for example.

What you need to do with these fantasy outfits is follow the rule of showing skin subtly but in this case, you’re going to show more than you usually would for obvious reasons. You still want to leave some skin covered up just to tease tire man and make him imagine what’s underneath your outfit. That alone will drive him insane.

That pretty much concludes this chapter of dressing to seduce men in the bedroom. If you combine what you just learnt with everything else you’ve learnt so far then you’ll be dressing to impress, attract and seduce men everywhere you go.

Be prepared to have a lot of male eyes staring at you constantly!

Remember These Crucial Points And What To Do Next

Let’s briefly summarize what you’ve learnt so far to ensure you don’t forget anything! Firstly, it’s not always about what you wear, what’s also important is how you wear it. It’s a cliché I know but that doesn’t take away the fact that it’s the truth. This is why it’s important for you to be comfortable and confident with what you’re wearing but also for you to jump out of your comfort zone!

Secondly, the art of dressing to impress, attract and seduce men is all about the balance. You need to find the correct balance and this only happens with practice and experience. You’ll learn what to wear for specific occasions and you’ll always be dressed correctly.

Furthermore, remember the men love skin but they don’t want you showing everything! They want you to leave something for them to imagine so that they enjoy the game of chasing you.
That covers pretty much everything you need to know about dressing to impress, attract and seduce men! Now, the question is what should you do next? Chances are, if you’re reading this book then you either already have a boyfriend and you’re trying to impress/seduce him more with what you wear, or you’re currently single, ready to mingle and find yourself a boyfriend. Either way, I’ve got you covered for your next steps so you don’t even need to begin to worry!

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