Showing off your skin to attract men’s attention

Showing off your skin to attract men’s attention

Show Skin But In A Subtle Way


You see it all over the internet all the time, people insult others for showing too much skin or not showing enough. Some people go as far as calling each other horrible things such as a slut, a sket or someone who doesn’t treat themselves correctly or value their bodies because they’re showing off their skin to everyone.

The thing is, who cares what they think? The important thing is what you think and what men are going to think. I’m sorry but if you’re reading a book about how to dress to impress men then their opinions are clearly going to be important.

So, in this chapter, we’re mainly going to discuss how you can show skin in way that men actually like. It may not be what you actually think so definitely pay attention!
Before we get to that, let me first refresh your memory. Remember in the previous chapter where we spoke about dressing correctly for the occasion? Well, this applies here as well when we talk about showing skin. Basically, the occasion, event or place you’re going to is going to have a huge effect on how much skin you can show so it’s crucial that you understand this.
For example, let’s say it’s a hot summers day again and you’re going to beach with some friends. Well, it’s perfectly normal and mostly acceptable to wear a bikini on the beach and therefore a lot of skin is going to be showing.

But prior to going getting to the beach, you don’t want to be wearing your bikini out in the street or in your car. Trust me, I’ve seen people do this. That’s when it becomes over the top and men don’t find that attractive. I mean, they might find you attractive and want you for sex, but it’s unlikely that they’ll want a relationship with you.

The thing is, men love it when women dress sexy and show skin, but they also like having something left for the imagination and that’s why you don’t want to show too much skin. We’ll talk more about this so don’t worry if you don’t fully understand this concept yet. Before we move on, let me just clarify again that you understand that the amount of skin you show or how revealing your clothing will be, is dependent on the occasion and what you will be doing and where you will be going.

Now, let’s move on to the secret sauce! The exact way to make sure you’re showing enough skin to attract men but not too much to put them off wanting a relationship with you.

The secret sauce is basically to show more skin with one half of your body whilst keeping the other more clothed. Was that confusing? Don’t woriy, I’ll give you some examples! Remember that where you are and what you are doing does have an effect on the amount of skin you should show! Anyway, here’s an example: Let’s say it’s summer and you’re going to a park and you decide to wear short shorts (Something men love, by the way) and you pair it with a t-shirt, well that’s the correct way to do it because you’ll be showing a lot of skin through your legs but your upper body will be more covered even though your arms are showing.

On the flip side, if you were to pair your short shorts with a belly top then to a lot of men you would be over doing it. You would basically go from being sexy and attractive to being a woman who men just look at for sex. (Obviously, not all men think and see like this but a lot do!) The reason for this is because you’re suddenly leaving less to the imagination for men. If it’s the hottest day of the year, then you could probably get away with a belly top and short shorts but don’t make it an eveiyday thing. Another example would be wearing a vest top with short shorts. For some reason to men, it’s more acceptable than the belly top and short shorts. I’m not entirely sure why, but that just happens to be the case!

So, let’s say you wanted to wear a belly top, then pair it with some slim fitted jeans and you’re good to go! This is because you’ve mixed the balance and now you’ve got skin showing up top but not the bottom.

You see, it’s the balance between the top and bottom halves of your body and how much skin you show that dictates whether or not men find you attractive or simply see you as a sex object.

Think about it this way, there’s a reason why lingerie is so popular, men like seeing sexy clothes on women. So, there’s no use showing your entire body off when men find it more attractive when women have clothes on. This goes for both in and out of the bedroom. It’s the contrast between the amount of clothing and the amount of skin shown that drive men crazy!

Remember, it’s the balance that counts! If you’re in doubt then check out the picture at the start of this chapter as the girls in the picture clearly know how to show enough skin but not too much!
One last thing to remember, you want to leave something for the imagination of men, so don’t show too much skin!

Now, it’s time to move on to the big topic of this book. What do men really like and want women to wear and thus what clothing items should you have in your wardrobe? Let’s go!

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